Established in 2011

Happy Cat Enclosures is Australia's most experienced and trusted cat containment experts.

Do you travel to other locations in Australia?

Unfortunately, as we are a Brisbane based enclosure company we are unable to help you with building a custom cat run.   However our netting suppliers have a list of other companies which also install the same netting as us on their website and you should be able to locate someone more local for you … Read more

Can they be removed if I move?

Yes they can. We also offer a full removal service which involves dismantling the enclosure and covering any small holes left by the fixings. You can view albums of our pull downs and renews on our Facebook page. This is the before photo album for a side enclosure we built: See here and this is the … Read more

Are your enclosures snake and toad proof?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our enclosures to be 100% snake or toad proof. However there are ways that we can install an enclosure to have additional snake and toad resistance. Please feel free to request this with your online quote request and we will custom design something for you.

What materials do you use?

Our cat runs are all enclosed using pre-stretched and UV treated 19mmx19mm black cat netting. Our wall netting has an additional stainless steel filament intertwined into each strand of netting for added strength and rigidity. We choose to install with black netting as we have found that white and cream netting is actually more obvious … Read more

How come your installations can take longer than others?

We make sure to take our time when building our enclosures so that you know your fur babies will be safe. We’re not about doing a “rush job” to cut on costs and prefer to make sure everything is done correctly in the first place. We do things differently than other installers to make sure … Read more

Can you do on-site consultations to measure and quote?

We can certainly arrange for an on-site meeting with one of our consultants however we can only provide this service to Brisbane and surrounding areas and there will be a small fee dependent on location for all on-site meetings to cover our installer’s time and travel. Please feel free to email us at info@happycatenclosures.com.au if you would … Read more

What guarantees do I get?

All of our custom fixed enclosures are covered by guarantees unbeatable in the enclosure market. We include a 12 year netting guarantee for sag & deterioration as well as a 6 year (72 months) workmanship guarantee, that’s the longest workmanship guarantee on the market by 5 years!!! Our DIY portable enclosures are covered under the … Read more

Do you install metal enclosures?

We can, and have, installed metal enclosures. Metal enclosures are more costly than netted enclosures due to the price of materials and the labour involved to install them but it is certainly something we can do if your budget allows. All window boxes that we install are metal mesh boxes. If you would like to … Read more

Are your enclosures suitable for households with dogs?

Whether or not one of our custom cat runs will be suited with your furry pups really depends on the individual dogs’ ages and personality. Our netting is not designed to be chewed on and can be damaged if your pet is too rough. If you think your pups are going to be tempted to … Read more

Where can I adopt a cat?

To see a comprehensive list of adoption centres near you, please visit the Pet Rescue website