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Do you travel to other locations in Australia?

Unfortunately, as we are a Brisbane based enclosure company we are unable to help you with building a custom cat run.


However our netting suppliers have a list of other companies which also install the same netting as us on their website and you should be able to locate someone more local for you (which would save on added travel costs for flights, car hire etc). You can view their list here at: https://catnets.com.au/pages/installation


It’s important to note that these other companies are not associates of ours and have their own ways of installing Catnets netting, so make sure you ask to see lots of photos before proceeding. Otherwise an alternative option (and often a lot cheaper) is a DIY installation by purchasing everything you need directly from Josh at: www.catnets.com.au


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and wish you well on your enclosure journey =^.^=