About Us

Meet Daniel & Georgina:


Happy Cat Enclosures Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and family run business that first started operation in 2011.

Happy Cat Enclosures Pty Ltd is led by husband and wife team Daniel & Georgina who are passionate animal lovers. Their love for all things living means that they regularly work with animal charities and support anything that’s promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

The idea of creating beautiful cat runs of unbeatable design first came to Daniel when he was trying to create a safe outdoor area for his own fur babies. After much looking on the internet he realised that the cat enclosure industry was dominated by installers who had little knowledge of the construction industry and that somebody really needed to start an enclosure business that truly looked after the needs of Australia’s cat lovers. It was at this point in time that Daniel realised that who would be better to fulfil this role than himself? With his many years of experience in construction, acute attention to detail, passion for animal welfare and desire to do what was right by the Australian public he decided to step up to the challenge.

From here Daniel slaved away working late nights and long weeks to establish a business that is now, without question, the most loved within the industry. His thousands of enclosure creations are all independently loved by both their furry owners and their human counterparts and Daniel knows everybody by both name and face.

His wife Georgina, also joined in with the creation of Happy Cat Enclosures Pty Ltd, is now a well-respected first point of contact for many of our Happy Cats clients. She is a known number lover and has a keen eye for detail allowing her to tackle the business clerical challenges with a smile on her face.

Every enclosure that is quoted and installed is created with equal amounts of passion from both Daniel and Georgina and you can rest assured that one of their many fur babies got to have a peek at each potential cat paradise.


Meet Ernest:

In 2017 Daniel took a step back from heading the installations of our enclosures due to severe Category 1 carpel tunnel in both of his wrists. Unfortunately the pain that he experiences from the intricate work involved with building our enclosures still persists even after his surgery, meaning, that his temporary step back has become more of a permanent predicament. It is with much sorrow that Daniel now has to watch from the side lines but he still gets in every now and then to try out his hands and see if things are ready for his skills again.

Our enclosure installations are now lead by our head installer Ernest. Most of our clients know Ernest by face, if not by name, as he has been a dedicated Happy Cats installer since 2012. Ernest is a fully qualified and licenced carpenter here in Queensland so you can rest assured knowing that your enclosure is being built by somebody with the knowledge to do so. He leads a team of two to three installers (depending on the job size) and has earnt the respect of all of our wonderful clients. We like to describe Ernest as a big teddy bear to our clients – don’t let his size fool you, he’s a kind soul and will treat you and your fur babies as if you’re family.


Why choose a Happy Cat Enclosure?

Happy Cat Enclosures Pty Ltd is run by devoted animal advocates with a vast background in the construction industry. We put our hearts and souls into all of our installations and it truly shows with both an impeccable track record and a reputation for providing the toughest and highest quality enclosures on the market.

If you want the safest and strongest enclosure available that will ensure your fur babies are secure then you have come to the right place.

When you choose a Happy Cat Enclosure you’re getting an enclosure that is literally unbeatable in both design and quality. All of our custom enclosures come with both a 12 year netting guarantee against sag and deterioration and a 6 year workmanship guarantee. Our motto truly says it all: ‘Guaranteed Unbeatable on Quality’.

When you choose a Happy Cat Enclosure you’re choosing to install with a company that is Australian owned and run by people passionate to live a cruelty free lifestyle. There’s nothing better than knowing that by a supporting a business you’re in turn supporting the care and love of animals.